Tuesday, September 20, 2011

English Classes Begin at the River Cafe

English Classes Begin at  the Cafe  THIS WEEKEND!

An upstairs area has now been screened off and a room prepared so that the English Conversation Classes can begin. A group of bankers have signed up for the first course with many people inquiring about more classes. 

The River Cafe has now been operating since March 2011.  The staff are now very capable and confident and are putting their training into practice. The Cafe has been receiving great reviews regarding the food the coffee and the service. The customers comment on the peaceful atmosphere where they sit in the beautiful surrounds of the Cafe.
Now that the setup and running of the Cafe are in place it's time! Time now for the Cafe to come into the next stage. The purpose for having the Cafe was always as an outreach into the community, to be able to connect with the people of Hang Dong. We particularly wanted to see the business community come in and the university students to feel it was a place they could "hang  out". Our Thai team has taken on the challenge of seeing The River Cafe become a hive of activity here in the Hang Dong community.

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