Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The River Kids Club Summer Camp 2012

Last week the River Kids Club had its annual 3-day Summer Camp at The River! The camp was all about FUN, FUN, FUN, while at the same time targeting team building, working together and building character. The timing of the camp was right after the Thai New Year, so everyone was in a party mode!  

At the beginning of the camp, each child was placed in a team. Each team had its own crew of leaders, who were actively involved in all the assigned activities. Some of the games resulted in everyone getting seriously dirty, so a thorough clean-up afterwards was an absolute necessity!

After sticky and hot outdoors, it was really nice to retreat into an air-conditioned meeting room. The kids did glass painting, watched a movie and enjoyed some free time. This was followed by each team cooking together and then preparing for the special performances at the evening's "gala event".

After enjoying the special dinner, the individual teams got on stage to show their creative abilities. There were still more games and then it was time to go to bed. Sleep was far from many kids' minds; it was far too exciting to be on a camp! Tomorrow held a promise of so much more fun and excitement!

On the morning of Day 2, the happy campers and their leaders woke up early, did some exercises and ate their rice breakfast. Everyone packed themselves into cars headed for an adventure at the Huay Tung Tao Lake. At the destination, the campers played games and then held an art contest. Everyone had a go at drawing the beautiful scenery they saw and the results were very good in deed!

Lunch was sticky rice and chicken, followed by watermelon. This would be akin to KFC and a soft serve in the west!  
Back at The River, the swimming pool was soon filled with delighted, squealing kids! 
In the evening the kids and youth joined for a combined Thai-style BBQ and lots of fun games.
On the following morning, the regular Kids Club program allowed the kids to do the things they have learnt to love and expect. These include singing, games and activities, which all carry a message of being valued and loved. As a special treat, the kids got to dress their leaders in funny outfits and paint their faces to match!
More swimming pool activities and then final meal together and back home to share all the amazing camp stories with family and friends!

These kids are precious! They come from broken homes, and without the love of God being extended to them, would not have a future to look forward to. Thank you for partnering with us in transforming young lives for God's glory!

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