Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Community work in Bangkok has begun!

The River is starting to make a noise and an impact in the great city of Bangkok!

Whilst our Connect gatherings each Tuesday night have been growing and expanding, we have also been hard at work, building relationships and pathways into some inner city communities.

The communities have asked for help with English teaching, and also to assist them in organising after school activities for the kids.

Last Friday we started English teaching in one of the local temple schools - teaching grade 4 with approximately 50 students in attendance!
One of the champion volunteers from The River - BKK, was a part of the teaching team, which is so exciting!

As of last Monday, we kicked off our first kids club program in the same Buddhist school!  Over 100 children turned up and the principal of the school was 100% behind us and what we were there for.

Kenny the Koala came to visit, and the kids had a great time laughing, singing, dancing and learning. This is a great opportunity for us to empower the kids in life and social skills, and incorporate biblical teaching.

This will springboard our work in the community, as we build relationships with children, teachers, and families.

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