Monday, May 23, 2011

University at The River

Last Friday we farwelled five "community development" students from Rajabhat Chiang Mai (university). These five had been working with us interns over their summer break.
As well as being involved in many of our community development works, these uni students also chose to sit in on our daily prayer, worship and teaching times. They understood virtually none of what was going on in our team when they arrived a couple of months ago, but now, after working with our team daily, they know that community development was more than deciding where to build roads and hospitals.  It is all about making relationships with the community and truly loving and serving the people.  They know that there was something very different about the way our team works and they know that it is because all of our team have a vibrant relationship with God.
Having completed their uni requirements and said good bye to us, they presented our team with a plaque (above) and then turned up the following day to help out with our kids club program.
They were all truly impacted by their time with us !

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