Wednesday, June 1, 2011

T'Hin tribe of Northern Thailand

Erik Klar (left) Baptising Wi (center) during The River Conference

In the early 1990's Erik & Mariaana Klar began to feel a burden for an unreached people group, the T'Hin Tribe ( an ethnic group, who escaped the 1970's communist uprising in Laos by crossing the boarder into Thailand).  Miraculously, the Lord led the Klars to these people and this resulted in the entire community of Na Sa Oong village finding living faith in God!

And the work continues... 

 Earlier this year, Wi,  a young man associated with the  T'Hin tribe heard about God through the people in Na  Sa Oong.  This man had lost his wife over a year ago and was raising his 2 children whilst struggling with a knee injury, which made walking very painful for him.  He decided to join his friends on a trip to our River Conference, some 500 km away from his village.  It was at The River, during a time of powerful praise, that God became real to him! He asked to be baptised in water as a sign of his firm commitment to God.  

We have just received news that this young man is now loving living in the fullness of his relationship with God and is completely healed of his knee injury! Despite being the only Christian in his village, he is growing in his faith through discipleship from the first T'Hin Christians in Na Sa Oong and is living in the peace and love of Jesus Christ.

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