Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Naang is a woman who is involved with the work of The River Team.  She is quite poor and lives in this tiny hut.  Despite her financial poverty, Naang is a generous woman, opening her tiny house each week for people to come and connect and discuss life issues.  Those who attend her meetings must  sit outside on mats as there is simply not enough room inside to accommodate guests.  The area outside is often muddy, but Naang does her best to make everyone comfortable. When it rains, the group goes home early!
 Recently The River Team helped Naang by extending her roof line and adding a raised floor at the front of her house.  Naang is now excited about being able to welcome more guests to her house and offer them a dry, comfortable place to sit.  Her group can continue despite the rain and all can enjoy the comfort of the new raised floor.
Naang is one of many people in our community who are seeing their lives transformed as they come to know the life transforming love of Jesus.
Naang's extension completed!

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