Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Girls

Two little girls, living in poverty were being used as child labour to help their parents meet basic living needs. Their parents  loved them dearly, but, due to circumstances and financial hardship, were unable to look after them in a way that every child should be looked after. The police were about to intervene and remove the children, placing them in a Government orphanage.

Our team members had been working with this family for some time,
and have seen wonderful changes in their lives. Because of our relationship with all
parties concerned, we were able to intervene and bring a better solution. The girls
now live on site in our team accomodation, being cared for by our children’s leaders. This
also means they are still able to regularly connect with their parents, are attending a great school and are beginning to love life the way children should. A future that couldn’t have been so bleak is now full of hope and light.  Another family saved by the power of One.

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