Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Healing of a deaf woman.

We recently drove 3 hours  to a remote village, where Yingwhit, our team member, is sowing his life into serving the people of that hilltribe.

After eating chicken and sticky rice and drinking coffee in Yingwhit's tiny coffee shop/bamboo home, we walked up the hill to show some visitors the water tanks supplied by the “miracle water”.  As we walked, a little old lady and her husband  came out of their little hut to asked us to pray. This lady had become profoundly deaf. We had prayed for her many times before on previous visits, but gathered around her again, prayed and asked God to heal her. She then spoke with Yingwhit in her local language for a little while and then Yingwhit blurted out  “She can hear, she can hear!!”


What an experience! We had prayed for this woman many times and at every community meeting her husband asks the people there to pray. Why did God choose this day to heal her and not earlier? We don't know, but we do know, this day she walked away healed. We also know that she was healed so that He will be glorified!  Praise God!!

Please continue to pray for our champions who have laid down their own ambitions and comfort to see people groups receive wholeness, healing and eternal life !!

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