Wednesday, August 3, 2011

People, People, People

 All that we do as The River Team is about serving people.  No matter how old or young.
Communities are transformed as their people are loved and empowered.  The children are not just the "next generation", but vital members of the current generation.  They need to be loved and empowered to succeed in life.  The elderly are not a burden, but carriers of heritage and experience that forms a platform from which the young can excel.
 The sick and lame are not to be discarded but restored to wholeness and helped to regain their dignity.
Where can they find the love that can achieve all this?

The River Team is training and equipping leaders from across Thailand and S.E.Asia to lead in a great transformation of the nations.  A transformation of Love, of Grace and of power.  A transformation of lives and entire communities.  A transformation that brings wholeness and equipping, adding value to the lives of multitudes.

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