Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kids Camp at The River

Fifty three very excited children arrived at "The River" for a 3 day camp. Most of the River Team were there to welcome the kids!  The Thais in the team were so well prepared that the foreign volunteers were able to really enjoy having fun with the children. Heaps of games, swimming, stories, singing, drama. On Friday we all went to an amazing park where we were able to show the children sights that most of them would not have seen before. A 'bus' tour and walk around the acres of lakes, fauna and animals. Trees that had been shaped like elephants, sharks, dinosaurs, birds etc, waterfall, water fountains, even a maze.

The team had prepared an great games and a fantastic lunch for the children.
The kids really enjoyed the outing. When we came back to The River it was into the pool and more sport. Some crashed and slept but the Thai team kept pouring out enthusiastically. That night they had a fabulous time of worship and games as well as dramas by the kids. A number of parents also turned up to watch their kids perform.

The next morning, Saturday, was Kids Club and they were still full of fun and encouragement. The theme was "our God is a great big God". The kids heard it and experienced it!   The team was tired, but glad to have had the privilege of loving the kids!

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