Monday, November 7, 2011

The River Women SHINE

The River SHINE Team ran an encounter training week for the women of The River Team, some from women from the mountains and from the neighbouring country. Everyone was impacted by the interactive nature of the program! The participants recognise and develop their self-worth, strength, and purpose, and importantly, are empowered to fulfil their God-given destiny.
The training week joined the strengths of The River and it's "sister" Team in a neighbouring country.  The teams built on each other’s experiences on conducting the sessions and many new creative ideas were applied to enhance and strength the discovery and learning sessions. The teams worked well together in creating a beautiful atmosphere for the participants.

During the feedback time, many shared about their vision to make a difference in their world! The women felt empowered to overcome the limitations of their backgrounds! They were excited to be able to say, “I am one of a kind!”, "My every day decisions influence my future!”, “I have much to offer!”.
The River Team men cooked all the meals, which they also served to the tables! They organised the coffee breaks and made sure all the washing up and cleaning was done, so that the women could absorb as much as possible from their week together!

The SHINE week culminated in a Celebration Lunch at The River Cafe! Every woman was seated around cafe tables and served a delicious meal and dessert to follow. The message rang loud and clear: I HAVE WORTH, STRENGTH, and PURPOSE!

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