Friday, September 7, 2012


The River hosted a seminar, presented by Living Waters. Experienced senior facilitators from USA, Canada and Thailand shared their personal testimonies of discovering keys to healing and restoration. The candid and humble testimonies emphasised their life-long commitment to the journey into wholeness.

Most of The River Team participated in the 3-day program covering topics such as: how sexual and relational brokenness occurs; why this brokenness can lead to addictions, abuse and gender confusion; and most importantly, powerful keys to finding healing and wholeness. Small groups, led by experienced facilitators, provided a forum for personal encounter and ministry.

The purpose of the seminar was not only personal healing, but also the empowerment to help others find restoration!
What an exciting thing to realise that as God heals me, I can become a life-changer for someone else!

The communities are full of children, teens and adults, who need to know that there is a WAY OUT from the bondages of brokenness and a WAY IN to wholeness! The River Team is committed to helping communities discover the truth that God is more than able to -
                   "use old rubble of past lives to build anew"(Isaiah 58)

Thailand has hope and a future! God's call is being heard by His people! Thank you for your partnership!


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