Tuesday, August 14, 2012


On the 12th of August each year, the people of Thailand celebrate the birthday of Her Majesty The Queen Regent Sirikit. 

On the day before, The River Team went to encourage the medical staff and their patients at Hangdong Hospital.

A loving touch of a child of God

 You are loved

On The Queen's Birthday, Sunday the 12th of August, nearly one hundred mothers and their children from Hangdong community joined in the celebrations of The River. Each person was welcomed with flowers and ushered into a beautifully decorated room filled with an atmosphere of contagious joy and freedom!  

The River Kids Club members demonstrated their skills in singing and speaking English.  It was touching to hear the children sing:

"I'll love you forever, 
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my mommy you'll be."

As the youth band presented songs about a mother’s love, a gracefully dressed 79 year old woman grasped the hand of one  River Team member and whispered, “ I have no children of my own, but TODAY I have found a daughter in you!” She then continued, “This is so beautiful!” The old woman held onto the team member’s hand throughout the entire program. 

Mariaana Klar shared about her mum, Ulla, who came to Thailand in 1955 to join the work of Verner and Hanna Raassina, mission pioneers since 1946. Following the tragic loss of Hanna and her 4 children, Ulla married Verner and received his 2 surviving sons as a “wedding gift”. Together, Verner and Ulla served God in Thailand for some 40 years. Wide-eyed, the audience listened to the story about a wife, a mother and a grandmother, who knew her God and profoundly impacted her daughter's direction and choices in life. 

At the finale of the program, each mother received a pretty face towel gift and hugs from the kids and youth. The old lady received hers from the “new daughter” she had found that day!

The lunch was prepared by the The River Team men. "Khanom jeen," i.e. a special noodles and curry dish, was heartily received. The kids then jumped into The River swimming pool and the grown ups went into their chosen activities.

On offer was make-up, nail painting, massage, learning relaxation techniques to promote healthy sleeping patterns, cooking bananas Indonesian-style, and making steamed bakery goods easily prepared at home with limited equipment. Every woman took home their own cakes in beautiful packaging.

Relationships with the people of the local communities are becoming stronger. An increasing number of people are discovering that they are not alone - that there is true healing and wholeness in God and in being connected to His Family!

Thank you for partnering with us in changing lives for eternity!


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