Friday, April 12, 2013


From the beginning of the year unitl mid-March, the weather in the South of Thailand included rain, rain and more rain!  As the town is situated on the Kolok River which separates Thailand from Malaysia, flooding is inevitable.  This means that some of the low-lying communities either become stranded or must be evacuated.  This time, evacuation was in order, and a refugee-style camp was set up in a local school which is visible from our team house.  The government asked us to organise activities for the people, while they waited to return to their homes.   Our team went in, and started teaching how to make bags and boxes out of recycled plastic.  This is a skill our team has perfected and already trained hundreds of people.  We train to empower people with new skills, which will provide them income and a sense of worth.  This kind of interaction with the local people also helps the government and the local to see that we are serious about our commitment to bring healing and wholeness to the South.

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