Monday, April 15, 2013


The River Conference plays a strategically important part in building a common vision, heart and purpose for bringing healing and wholeness to the broken... 

Our life of Grace starts at His finished work on the cross...

Praise and Worship was exuberant, with several young people making a first-time decision to believe.

"It is Finished" by Ps Ross Smith - hot off the press - in English and in Thai - launched and signed personally by the author and teacher at The River Conference 2013! The books are going fast!

The River Team members facilitated powerful sessions for women, called  "Shine" - Value, Power of Choice and Purpose... 

... and for men, called "Strength" - Being strong and courageous

16 people made the following decision...

Our band draws in young people who are discovering their value and purpose in God and now want to live for His purpose!

Celebrating the "unsung heroes", who faithfully build His House in the most difficult of places. "The New Shoes" presented in the gift bags to "Bai" and "Daeng" remind them of their new Walk of Grace.

I have decided... and my friends are so excited!

We are many, but one in Him.

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