Monday, April 21, 2014

Celebrating the wedding of Funn and Sae!

We would like to introduce you to two lovebirds - two members of our team who have just been married!   This is Funn and Sae, and this is their story so far!

They first met while working in a children's home, not far from Chiang Mai.  Little did they know that they would be married a little over a year later!

Funn’s upbringing is common to girls in the mountains.  She went to school until she was 12 and then stayed at home to help her parents.  When old enough, she moved to the city to get a job as a cook in a restaurant, in order to send money back to her family.
During Funn’s teen years and into her early 20’s, life changed dramatically, which in turn brought terrible injustices into her life.  Injustices which made Funn question her future, and even whether or not she should continue living this life.

Sae made his decision to follow the Lord when he was 13yrs old.  He graduated from high school, and then moved to Chiang Rai where he completed 4yrs of Bible College.

Funn and Sae were friends to begin with, but both individually felt a strong need to pray for one another regularly.   Soon enough, everyone around them were endorsing this relationship – All of their friends and family saw that it was special.  God was in the centre of their budding relationship.

Although only nine days apart in age, Funn and Sae (older) have very different upbringings; yet God works all things for good, and has a great plan for each of their lives!

We have had a special time over the past weeks celebrating their marriage.  First with a pre-wedding photo shoot in the flower gardens of Rajapruek, then the beautiful and unique wedding in the Funn’s village.  Unique because you rarely see such emotion in a Karen wedding!  Marriages are mostly arranged when the couple are quite young.  This wedding was different.  This day was full of joy, hope and love.  Whilst saying their vows, Funn welled up with emotion.  "The old is gone; the new is here" (2Cor 5:17). 

And then came the wedding blessing celebration at The River, where the Hangdong community joined in to witness and celebrate the union of Sae and Funn!

Sae and Funn are much loved members of The River Team and we all look forward to the journey ahead  of serving God together!

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