Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter at The River

Easter 2014 at The River was a true celebration!

The River prepared a beautiful evening service on Good Friday 2014 to remember and honour what the Father gave to us through His Son over 2000 years ago. To a backdrop of a powerful movie clip depicting the Passion story, a freshly translated worship song Calvary was introduced to the tightly packed audience. The solemness of the message of Christ's suffering soon broke out into a triumphant celebration of victory: Our HOPE is in God and His love has been poured out into our hearts....      We are a community, which lives Full Life!

 The conference room was decorated with many creative touches, such as .... the communion table, which adorned fresh flowers and candles, carefully selected and arranged to celebrate the completeness of our Lord's work on our behalf.

 The lighting displays were designed to create a strory of the Calvary and the Empty Tomb...             It was precious to see new believers involved in serving brother serving another.

After the service, The River Family brought together a feast of drinks, fruits and snacks - so much so that there were lots of left overs for the Resurrection Sunday Celebrations!
Under the starry night, everyone mingled and had no interest in going home!  The atmosphere was warm, joyful and inviting. This is what Full Life is about!

Then came the Resurrecton Easter Sunday - He Is Risen!  Again, a packed house filled the room with  joy and celebration!   Ps Erik brought a message of hope, a visiting team from Centro, Ipswich Australia greeted with a song and a message of encouragement from 1Thess 3.

Our Easter Sunday was a day of particular celebration because one young man was baptised in water as his public declaration to follow the Lord and because a young lady, whom The River has known since her early kids club days - literally ran back to the Father's arms like the prodigal son did in the story found in the gospels.

At The River, no celebration is complete without a feast!

Our River Easter Sunday menu consisted of a delicious noodle soup, Thai-style club sandwiches, water melon and dried sugar-chili tamarind fruit. In addition, we had lots of snacks from the Good Friday feast! As an Eater treat, everyone received a foil-wrapped boiled egg - Thai style!

It was a beautiful, impacting and a forever memorable weekend in the life of The River:
 Full Life Begins!

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