Monday, May 12, 2014

River Kids Summer Camp 2014



At least 60 kids between the ages of 6 and 12 participated in the 3-day program, focused on leaving a lasting imprint of the message of VALUE, PURPOSE and the POWER OF CHOICE in these precious young hearts. Fun in the form of dancing, singing, games, dramas, eating and camp-style sleeping made the time together an absolute blast!

 The kids discovered that God is not far away, but right there with them! The amazing stories of the Bible came alive and at times, the squeals and laughter of the kids were the best part of it all!
Treasure hunts, bonfires, drama performances, swimming in the pool were also on the agenda!

The children were split into 4 teams for the duration of the camp - Blue, Orange, Green and Pink.  The teams were awarded points and the final day saw....
 the amazing Green Team win!

Life skills were taught to the boys and girls seperately - by gleaning principles from the Shine and Strength programs. The principles of self worth were impressed upon them - how SPECIAL and IMPORTANT every single humanbeing is!

80% of children that came are not from families that know the Living God.
The seeds planted will bear fruit! 

Check out this awesome video that Tim Perry put together of the week that was!

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