Thursday, January 22, 2015

Christmas 2014 at The River

Christmas at The River was a very exciting time for the River and all the communities that we are involved with.

We had our first ever River Christmas in Bangkok on the 16th of December! We had a Christmas party for all our Bangkok connect groups with over 100 people attending. It was an amazing time of fellowship, friendship  and fun! Gifts were shared, people were encouraged and the message of Christmas was shared. It is was amazing to see how many new people attended and how fast The River is growing in Bangkok. On the following Saturday, The River team spread the Christmas Spirit by giving gifts to people in the community.

Christmas gifts galore!

Christmas time in Hang Dong was filled with activity and festivity. The River team worked together with local community leaders to  bring a night of fun, food  games and a message of joy to over 200 people in the San Pak Wan community in a wonderful community concert. There was singing, dancing and drama presentations presented by both The River team and local community members.
Santor School invited the River team to be apart of their Christmas celebrations. The students welcomed our team with open arms.

 Our incredible team at Santor School on Christmas Day!

On the 21st Of December we celebrated Christmas as a church community. The place was packed with so many people! It was an atmosphere of excitement and expectancy! Four teachers from a local school that we teach in attended our church for the first time!
One woman experienced a miracle of provision, by receiving a simple bag of rice as a gift.  Only God knew that it came at exactly the right time.

Our beautiful angel!

Christmas in the South was also extremely successful and wonderful.  Families that our team work with helped prepare and present the Christmas concert. Over 100 people attended and 50 gifts where given!  People left with full stomachs and happy hearts!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and prayers over the Christmas period.  Over 700 people attended River Christmas events and over 500 gifts were given out!

The whole of The River Team wish you a wonderful 2015!

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  1. I like the idea of Celebrating Christmas at river. I love such venues. Usually I attend lots of events in New York but it’s a good feeling to celebrate special days in the lap of nature. Isn’t that?