Thursday, February 5, 2015

She is Priceless

Over the past four years, a family of five has become close to The River in the south. The experience of unconditional love and acceptance, as well as the evident devotion of our team to grow in the character of our Lord, have broken the walls of fear. Genuine friendship and trust has formed, resulting in eagerness to understand the source of this supernatural love.  

Just a few days before our annual women’s conference three months ago, a miracle took place! Ordinarily the belief system of the deep south would not allow this: The wife of the family joined our team girls on her first-ever trip out of her region to be part of a life and eternity changing experience of her life.  On the Sunday before the conference started, she heard the message about the Good Shepherd, who left the 99 sheep to go after the one that was lost. Our beautiful friend wept throughout the message and by the end of it made the decision to follow the true Good Shepherd. A joy that she had never known filled her heart.

During the women’s conference, she listened to the messages about worth, strength and purpose. She discovered that her value is not based on her gender or barrenness, but is actually priceless because of her Saviour! She asked to follow His example by being immersed in water and then shared her joy with all of her sisters afterwards. There was not a dry eye amongst us that day.

She is now back with her family and community, growing in His love and learning to extend it towards others.

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