Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mother's Day at Kids Club

Every year on the 12th August, the nation of Thailand celebrates HRH Queen Sirikit's birthday. As the beloved 'Mother of the Nation', this day also acts as Mother's Day. At The River Asia, we always take this opportunity to honour all the women and mothers in our local communities: in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Sungai Kolok. It is such a great chance to show how much we love and value them as individuals.
This year The River Kids Club prepared a special 'Mother's Day Event' for all the mums in our surrounding buddhist communities. We had over 100 mothers, women and children join us on the day, with more than 20 coming for the first time! What a sense of community and family there was.
As the mums and kids entered The River Centre, which was beautifully decorated in bunting, balloons and love hearts, they could tell they were in for a special day. And it only got better! The children in Kids Club performed special songs and dramas for their mums, everyone got involved in fun games, they heard an incredible testimony on the value of family, got professional photos taken at our Kids Club Photo Booth and were served a special lunch complete with desserts! It was a really special time, and both the mums and kids felt so loved.
Many who were there have not experienced this kind of love and service before. We were able to connect with so many of them on a deeper level and we know this will be the beginning of many great relationships.
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