Friday, August 21, 2015

Pizza Party, New Friends!

KK is one of the young men in our work in Bangkok.  He is a very bright, hard working, and passionate man with a huge heart to see people connecting with Christ.  He has the ability to connect with people and connect people to people. 

 (Some of the great people at KK's Pizza Party!)

Recently we partnered with KK for a pizza/connecting night. KK had invited about 35 people, from all different walks of life: from highly successful business people, to UN and Government representatives, to University students. About 50 people turned up to the local Pizza Company in MBK and spent the night eating, laughing and exchanging Facebook and line addresses. 

The crowd was about 50% followers of Christ and 50% still to be. The night was an incredible success!  Since then, our awesome team have been busy reconnecting with these new friends, going out for coffees, karaoke and whatever else it takes to make new friends. We are now planning another fun night to connect once again with the incredible people of Bangkok.

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