Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We Have This Hope!

As you may have seen, a bomb shook the city of Bangkok on Monday 17th August 2015. Twenty-one people were killed and over 125 people were injured from the blast, which took place in the centre of the city at Erawan Shrine, a popular place for tourists and locals alike. It is also really close to Chulalongkorn University, where we have many friends and connections. Our heart goes out to everyone impacted by this awful event.
The following day, all city schools were closed and many classes at Chula University were cancelled. Our friends shared about the fear they were feeling, how they wanted to stay at home and didn't want to go out at night. Because of this hope we have in Christ Jesus, we were able to speak life, comfort and hope into their situations. We have been able to have many hope-filled conversations with students, taxi-drivers, people in cafes, new and old friends and even strangers on the streets.
While people are feeling calmer now, there is still a sense of fear in this city we love. Please keep the beautiful people of Bangkok in your hearts and prayers. Our work here in Bangkok is more crucial than ever before!

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