Tuesday, February 21, 2012

English Opens University Doors!

Last Saturday, an enthusiastic group of 7 Aussie volunteers in The River Team responded to a request from the Northern University (located in Hangdong) to assist in making a one-day English Camp for the students a great success! The volunteers prepared excellent teaching materials, each person responsible for teaching a marathon of 10 classes in one day!
These kinds of opportunities are hugely exciting! The River Team is working together with the local leaders - in this case the English Department of a university - to meet a FELT NEED of students being able to communicate with native English speakers! 

We absolutely love it, because these opportunities open doors to connecting with more people!

Assistant Professor Dr Anchalee expressed her sincere thanks to us, The River Team, for our continued commitment to the youth of Thailand.
Doors are open. We need more volunteers!

Pray for many more to respond to......


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