Tuesday, February 7, 2012

South comes to the North

Amazing things are happening!

170 government employees, community and religious leaders travelled nearly 2000 kms to visit North Thailand. One of their important destinations was The River! Our team prepared for the event with great
excitement. The investment in prayer, giving, building relationships and physically setting
up a base in the south, is producing results beyond our imagination!

The River Team received the guests with a song in their local language,Pattani-Malay, which inspired
them to join in with clapping and singing. Then followed The River Team singing to them,
“For I love you with the love of the Lord,.... I can see in you the glory of the Lord,...I love
you with the love of the Lord.” His presence was tangible. Hearts melted.

The meal served was Halal, so that all could participate. Our team had sourced the food from a local Halal restaurant. We all took part in serving, being careful not to touch anything with our hands.

The leader of the group, Mr Ishmael, spoke about the friendship which has formed
between the people of their city and our team. He then invited us to come and teach their
youth at the upcoming government organised camp held in June!
As it was time for one of their ļ¬ve daily prayers, our visitors went in groups to our meeting room, to pray in Arabic language. This was incredibly exciting for us, as every single day we pray for these
precious people in that very same room!

The joy of being together was evident. It was amazing to see the ease with which our
Team and the visitors related with one-another. Gifts and hugs were exchanged. Photos
taken. Our whole team literally ran after the buses as they left and the visitors kept waving from the
windows until we could not see each other any longer.

It is hugely exciting to walk WITH the Lord!

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