Thursday, March 15, 2012

“I am special, I am loved and I belong!”

Birthdays are not usually celebrated in the communities of Thailand. A child is often only reminded of how much pain his/her mom endured during childbirth.
The kids, who come to The River Kid's Club, learn to know that they do not have to feel guilty about being born. Instead, they discover that their birth was planned by God and definitely worth celebrating! 
YES! At The River, we celebrate birthdays BIG time and always make them a wonderful surprise event! Birthdays of kids born within any given three months are grouped together and a BIG PARTY is thrown.
The hall is decorated with lots of colourful balloons and streamers. Lots of party food is prepared, gifts are wrapped and fun games and other activities creatively planned. 
As the kids arrive, a surprise party awaits them!

Everyone sings “Happy Birthday” in both English and Thai. The worries of everyday life are momentarily forgotten as the lights are lowered and the candle-lit cake arrives! The birthday girls and boys are cheered on as they blow the candles and cut the cake! Then the joy of receiving a present!

Last Saturday at The River, it happened all over again!

The seed planted in a child's heart:
 "I am loved, I am special 
... I belong!”

For some kids, this is their very first birthday party ever and they will certainly never forget it!

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