Monday, March 5, 2012

The River Cafe

The River Cafe - the connecting place in the community is now ONE YEAR OLD! 
Since the birth of the vision for a “connecting place” in the market place, much has happened! 

The barren shell of a shophouse has been transformed into a beautiful cafe!  Patience has been learnt through training of staff, working on systems and trialling various recipe options for the menu. Some tears have been shed, but the joy of creating,  getting to know one another, and the passion for reaching people continues to make us determined to press on! Expertly prepared drinks, home-made style cakes and savouries, as well as ice cream sundaes are now served to a growing number of both Thai and Westerners. Our trading times are during office hours, but we have now also started opening on Friday nights.  

The DNA of the cafe is becoming clearer: The River Cafe is unique! Customers are drawn to the warm and relaxed atmosphere created by dedicated men and women, who love God and love people! The delightful mix of both English and Thai languages can be heard, as the regular customers and the new ones enjoy connecting with one another in this new “home away from home”.

The second floor is used for small meetings and language classes.

The above photo of our team members is now featured on our billboard advertising Conversational English Classes.

Future looks very exciting! 

Lots of young people will learn new skills in various areas of hospitality. They are also being trained in character and come to discover that they were placed on this earth to fulfil their destiny in God!

It is absolutely AWESOME to walk with God!

Thank you for your continued support!

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