Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Girls of The River Rescue House

The school year has just finished for kids in Thailand! We are so proud of the way our River Rescue House Kids are improving! Nat  (photo: right) is in the Government High School and Fon (photo: middle) and Ganya (photo: left) in a small Christian Elementary School. It is wonderful to see these girls becoming more confident!. Fon and Ganya in particular are beginning to shine in their English classes!  Fon scored the second highest mark in her class and shows great promise in her ability to catch up with the “lost” time.  Ganya, who was deemed as mentally impaired, is performing far beyond expectations! She is coming out of her shell and is improving daily. Her new glasses are helping significantly and have given her a new confidence in the classroom.  It's fantastic to see these girls blossoming and beginning to do so well at school!  Ganya, Fon and Nat have a future, which is filled with amazing opportunities!

Thank you for your part in giving these children a future!

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