Saturday, August 11, 2012


One of The River Team's weekly activities in the community is to support the English Department of the local Government. This is accomplished by teaching English at local public schools, by running English camps during school breaks as well as by holding teacher training seminars for the entire district. With our current capacity, we are able to cover eight schools, but the demand is for much more! We need more native English speakers to volunteer!
The partnerships with the Education Department and with the local schools is far-reaching. About 140 kids are now regularly involved in our The River Kid's Club and The River Youth. On weekly basis, the kids and teens have an opportunity to engage in fun activities, as well as meaningful moments of learning about God. The River Team visits their homes and helps the families and their communities to identify the needs of the most vulnerable and to discover ways to find viable and sustainable solutions to break the cycle of poverty and abuse.
Recently, the Education Department publicly commended The River Team for its outstanding work in helping to raise the standard of the local schools by bringing transformation to the lives of the students.

Thank you for partnering with us and please consider volunteering with us!

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