Saturday, August 11, 2012


It is truly exciting to report that the Thai members of The River Team are now running running SHINE! They are expressing their own creativity in making the sessions different and interesting for the local teen girls coming from broken homes of the local communities.  

At SHINE the girls are on a journey of discovering true love and acceptance for the first time in their lives. They begin to understand that their individual lives are unique and created by God for a purpose. 

The practical hands-on activities allow the girls to not only learn important truths, but to also express their emotions. For example, when the girls are encouraged to do one another’s hair, emotions become involved.  One girl, who reluctantly conceded to allowing her hair to be touched, burst into tears at the realisation that she was valuable enough for someone else to want to brush it!  

SHINE girls discover their VALUE, WORTH and TRUE IDENTITY.  This continues to be enforced throughout the sessions and through the new friendships formed with others who have found the same truths!

Thank you for your valued partnership in changing lives!

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